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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 26, 2011, 9:16 AM

Aaaannnd here we are. After a week of homework eating Digi, she is finally free enough to type up this. I'm kind of sad to see this end. While discussing the entries, Hoseki and I honestly found ourselves wishing we could say you all won... of course, that's not much of a contest and we don't have nearly enough time to make prizes for all of you since we are busy with stuff like college and... the original fic. Thus, sadly we had to... y'know, pick winners. Just let it be known that YOU ARE ALL WINNERS just for entering, seriously. You are all awesome.

Anyway, I'll shut up now. Here's the winners and some judges comments. Red bullet is for Hoseki, blue is for Digi. GOGOGOGOGO!

Third Place:

We couldn't decide on this one, soo we have a tie between...

HiNaBN - Ignite the Night by Ghostey

"Ignite the Night" - Ghostey:

:bulletred: The glow--there's so much of it. And it's awesome. The city is fantastic and that jaunty angle just throws in a whole new dimension to the picture. And Veser's hoverboard is so cool, really, really cool.
I like how the characters are drawn--especially because it's Hanna and Veser who are the troublemakers of the story--and the shading is really nice and smooth. Great job. I still want to pet Hanna's hair. 8D

:bulletblue: You. This. Guh. Technical skillwise, Ghostey, you have just shown you've got some awesome skills here. The angle, the way you did the city, it's all great. Above all, I think your picture here captures the look and feel of inner circle Varuna at night really well. Hanna and Veser are also perfect. But above all else, this one goes so high on the list for this reason: GLOWY. This is the glowiest entry ever and God I am happy.

SO. Originally this wasn't in the plans but GHOSTEY you get this award:


You win with...

Blow a kiss at the methane sky by MyNameIsLiberation

"Blow a Kiss at the Methane Sky" - MyNameIsLiberation

:bulletred: The background on this is probably my absolute favorite part. The portrayal of the characters is great too; Veser's smirk and his bomb, Conrad's scowl, and Hanna floating there is just great.
But the background and the font are win for me. The buildings are absolutely fantastic and look very futuristic. And I really like the "Your city is dead" font, the way it sort of runs in a faded sort of way just adds that deadly element that makes Lightwaves what it is. Awesome job.

:bulletblue: There is a reason why this tied for third with Ghostey, and it's the Goddamn background. Because Goddamn. You have captured the look of Varuna's towers better than we could. Ever. GUH I love this. Just… the city, the yellow tint to the sky, the way you did the font… it just captures the look and feel of Varuna fantastically well.

You guys both win a sketch request from either :icondigi-writes-fanfics: or :iconhosekidragon:!

Second Place

Lightwaves Poster by Ed21

"Lightwaves Poster" - Ed21

:bulletred: I think Hanna's expression made this one for me; that almost deadly grin that just seems to throw in a hint of revenge that totally captures Lightwaves Hanna. Also a face of Eli's worried expression, Veser's sneering grin, and Conrad's disgruntled looking face. Great capture of the characters.
Also really like the background and the font. Not to mention the line "Your city is dead, Our city is born" is really quite cool. But it's most definitely Hanna that I like the most about this.

:bulletblue: Hanna's expression really takes this, I have to agree. Something about all the expressions here just captured the mood of this fic really well. It's the intensity of Hanna's face in juxtaposition with the silhouette of the city that really captures this for me. This, in my opinion, is the poster that captures the "feel" of Lightwaves the best, thus it takes second place.

You win your choice of a black and white drawing or a fic request from :icondigi-writes-fanfics: or :iconhosekidragon:

Aaaannnd first place goes to...

First Place

Ode to VarunaFor the longest time, it thinks that something's wrong with it.
For an even longer time after that, it knows that something's wrong with it.
It realizes that the days are too short and yet too long at the same time. While the hours of sunlight and light yellow skies are fewer now than ever before, they seem to stretch on forever, florescent blue blending with the thick blue smear of polluted night until neither can be distinguished from one another. The buildings shine eternally with a glaring, clinical light that cleans away the darkness and bleaches the day, scrubbing away at both so that nothing remains but an eternal cubicle cleanliness, an eternal lack of lacking, an eternal feeling that everything is revealed and that nothing can lurk out of sight and strike, drive murky claws of doubt and primal impulse into its modernized core, its technology, its survival. Holoscreens and digital clocks serve to remind it and its people of the time, the date, the schedule, but in

"Ode to Varuna" - Olo-Doorbell

:bulletred: Is it irony that "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter came on my iTunes when I came to write this part?
This. This fic. This was absolutely mind-blowing to me. The details, the description, the way it was written, is all just completely amazing. The personification of Varuna makes it seem more people than the people who inhabit it, even as it dies. And it's added to by the definitions of "para" you put in. The final kick, I think, came from those last two lines, though; "It is dying, Varuna. Forever and never."
Incredible and mind-blowing. Just plain epic.

:bulletblue: Okay. This fic. There is a reason this fic is the winner.  Just… yeah. I know Olo isn't as huge of a fan of this, but this fic just… it is Varuna. Olo has captured just what makes Varuna what it is, the way everyone sort of gets sucked into it like a sort of hivemind, the definitions of paranormal, every line just… it fits. It's perfect. The writing is just fantastic and this combined with the atmosphere and everything else just… it captures Lightwaves completely and I can't help but love it. When it came to discussing who won, both Hoseki and I agreed instantly that this was our winner. Fantastic job, Olo!

You win your choice of either a full color drawing or a one-shot fic from :icondigi-writes-fanfics: and :iconhosekidragon:

Yaaay! This is awesome, but hey, we're not done. Here's our other awesome entries and some comments for them!

Lightwaves - Hanna by WolfenElemental

"Lightwaves - Hanna" - WolfenElemental

:bulletred: This is cute. I particularly like Hanna's tail and the Lightwaves font. And the addition of the rune etched into his fur is a very nice touch. Adorable picture.

:bulletblue: D'aaaw. Glowy stuff, Hanna as a puppy, awesome font, what's not to love? I especially love the bracers, very cool!

lightwaves contest by JoThomas

"lightwaves contest" - JoThomas

:bulletred: The simplicity of the picture somehow makes it more dynamic. The fact that Hanna and Eli have their backs to the viewer just seems to add to that darkness hanging over the city and the words scribbled into the wall "OUR CITY IS DEAD". At least to me, that's how it feels.

:bulletblue: The feel of this is very powerful, I adore the use of the graffiti and the darkness of the city. The sight of Hanna and Eli silhouetted against it kind of gives both the feeling that the city seems impossibly huge against them while still seeming surmountable, weirdly enough. It's really neat.

He never listens... by DRei-chan

"He never listens..." - DRei-chan

:bulletred: Another adorable entry. Hanna in particular looks so cute, running off and doing his own thing and not listening to Conrad. Hanna and Conrad interacting are some of my favorite things and this pretty much captures their relationship in Lightwaves, haha.
I like the blur motion in the "speech bubble" showing what Hanna's doing and the detail in Conrad's outfit. The slum life was captured so well here.

:bulletblue: This really does capture the dynamic between Hanna and Conrad really well. I love the lighting of this and how it really does get the idea of the creepy factory basement across, haha. Hanna also just looks adorable and I want to HUG HIM FOREVER.

Ka-chunkThe feeling of a single tooth puncturing flesh; the clean ka-chunk as hard, pointed enamel encasing long-dead marrow drives down, driven by some hundred-odd pounds-per-square-inch of pressure as it punctures supple skin. It's hypodermic, cleaner than the ripping and tearing he'd been raised by government propaganda to dread, much cleaner than anything he's ever imagined it to be. It's even easier than biting through the tough plastic of the blood bags; it's swift and piercing and oh god, the blood, it's going to get everywhere but he doesn't mind, he doesn't mind at all. In fact, in fact – oh goddamn it what is he doing? – it's something he can get used to.
Conrad reels, mind fleetingly shifting from the squirming in his mouth, real and concentrated, to the blurred movement and muffled noise surrounding him. Foreign, everything comes to him sluggishly, snagged in the deep-rooted satisfaction that seems to have sprung like an erection to the

"Ka-chunk" - Olo-Doorbell

:bulletred: This fic had me biting my nails. The writing is incredibly intense and the descriptions are just fantastic. All of it kept building and building and building to that final moment where Conrad just finally starts losing it. It's a wonderful and terrifying contrast. Conrad's inner conflicts are always fantastic but this had taken it beyond that and made it so intense I don't think there's even a word for it.
Incredible work, just plain incredible.

:bulletblue: Olo's writing is powerful. Just… yeah. The way everything builds and there are lines like Worth "throwing Conrad to the lions" just fills me with glee. You gotta love Conrad losing his humanity fics, and this one really takes the cake.

Hostage Begging by nytmyrda

"Hostage Begging" - nytmyrda

:bulletred: Adorable. Just adorable. I really like how the concept of Eli being labeled as the "Ahimsa dog" was taken literally for this. And Hanna begging to keep him with that trademark grin and frazzled hair just adds another layer of cuteness.
The simple background works for the picture and the crosses/x's are reminiscent of Tessa's style which makes it seem all the more Hanna-ish. All around great piece, so cute. I'd like to take a pet Eli home with me too. :]

:bulletblue: Oh God THE ADORABLE. The idea of Eli as a dog is just… d'aaaw. It really does suit the whole bit with Hanna begging to keep Eli so well, haha. Eli makes one badass dog too, man look at those scars. :3

Play That GameThis. Sucked.
Veser stood inside the shelter of the building, arms crossed. In front of him, staring him down, all angry blue lights and sleek metal pulsing with cold heat, was a vending machine. It hummed at him, volume rising and falling with the pulsing lights, like breathing. Like it was alive, a metallic dragon guarding a hoard of good just inside the clear casing, breathing heavily, hot air seeping from under its bulk as it rested there, it's tail a mighty black cord that disappeared into the wall to keep people like Veser from unplugging the machine, cracking the locks, which while plugged in were locked with not only regular locks but super magnets as well, and plundering the goods for free.
Veser growled. If only it were that easy.
Or, if only the thing decided Veser's money was good enough. Apparently, it wasn't. He'd actually tried to obey the rules, for once, to try and use actual money and pay for the candy so he could slap a bow on it for Hanna's Christmas present, since

"Play That Game" - XTheAuthoressX

:bulletred: Veser and Varuna do not mix and this was captured wonderfully in this fic. I like how Veser attempted to use all the conventional, "normal" means of getting the candy; money, kicking it, shaking it; before resorting to his bombs. Very nice.
Veser's attitude towards all things in Varuna's walls was captured very well too. How he would happily destroy something to get what he wants and how considers the destruction something for the police to do, all very amusing.
Also, the description of the vending machine as a "metallic dragon guarding a hoard of good" it.

:bulletblue: Mmmm. This fic. It makes me happy inside. The thing that I really enjoy about this, aside from Taco's fantastic Veser characterization, is just the attitude Veser seems to have for Varuna and… well, everything. It just captures his rebellious attitude fantastically well, and I am echoing Hoseki's love for the "metallic dragon" line.

Whoo! All right everyone, that's all. Thanks so much for entering, we loved every entry and love all of you! Winners, be sure to note either myself or Hoseki with your requests! Have a good day everyone!

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SollinFaolan Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016  Student General Artist
I can't believe it's been 5 years since I've last read this. I still have my half finished costume and incomplete fanart that I never posted XD Still a brilliant story, beautifully written.
HiNaBN-Lightwaves Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016
Digi here-- We're both really flattered that people are still thinking of this fic. To be honest, so are we, haha.

Hoseki has a project in the works inspired by Lightwaves called Code: Inherently Good that you can check out here: inherently-good-comic.tumblr.c… It hasn't been started yet but you should definitely check out the blog and ask Seki questions about it, they'd really appreciate it.

I am also working on something Lightwaves inspired actually, haha. It's still in its beginning stages but I'll probably plug it here once it gets going so people who remember this can check it out.
SollinFaolan Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Student General Artist
-jumps excitedly- I honestly didn't expect a response of any kind!! oh gosh -is honored-

It's been such a long time but I'm so glad that this story has become an inspiration for something new. It was so wonderfully written and I rarely read fanfiction of any kind so I was very emotionally invested in this as it was being written. Are the new projects also HINABN related or are they their own stories with their own characters this time? :) Either way I would absolutely love to check them out and see what you both have in store. You can count me as a long time fan. haha
HiNaBN-Lightwaves Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016
The stories are 100% original, though right now mine is very much following the Lightwaves character blueprints... which is fine by me because my ability to write jerk old men with alcohol problems should really be put to use SOMEWHERE.
(1 Reply)
Amethyst-Chaos Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I just plowed through eight chapters of Lightwaves at work. This is probably the BEST HINABN fic i have ever read and i really need to finish reading lightwaves so i can get to work on reading the father of death thing...which...i'm hoping updates soon because then it won't mean that it's dead or dropped...
HiNaBN-Lightwaves Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
Ah, sorry, we actually did end up dropping Father of Death due to lack of time and inspiration. I hope you'll enjoy what's here at least!
Amethyst-Chaos Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh shiz. :C oh well, i know that school and life in general can cause things like that to happen, but I'm sure i'll LOVE what's there. i hope everything goes awesomely for you guys!

and thank you for writing such an interesting, amazing story. it's rare to find stories of this quality online, so i hope that you guys write more in the future when things settle down for you~
WolfenElemental Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Student General Artist
bookworm773 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
I've just finished Lightwaves and am moving on to Father of Death. All I can say is amazing. This is so amazing. I don't even think it should be called a fanfic. Sure, you're using the same characters, but the plot is so wonderful and original. I love it. When I was reading Lightwaves, I stayed on my computer for hours because I couldn't drag myself away from the writing.

The only small critique I will offer is that I saw the phrase "mahogany eyes met bright blue" a bit too often. But otherwise, it was absolutely amazing.
HosekiDragon Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Wow, thank you very much! I really can't think of what to say to this! I don't think Digi or I ever thought that Lightwaves would ever get this big and we're kind of honestly blown away by how much people like it.
So thank you very much! I always feel silly because all I can say is thank you. :iconhannaloveplz:
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